Ack,i hate when i like two people...I'm dateing this guy and its been almost a month and i truely do like him i get that nervous thing in my stomach and my heart speeds up everytime he holds my hand.
BUT then there is this girl at my school...oh my god this girl,i've known her for like ever it seems like and i know she is a lesbian,sadly i had the chance to ask her out this year but i turned it down to try and get this other guy that in the end was a total jackass,and i really wanna go out with her but i think she has a girl friend and its makeing me sad cause she's really cute and funny and....ack too much confustion!

And today i ain't feeling good,i have an old back injury that is kill me so bad its not funny,and i got a migrane and sucks

Tomorrow i'm supposed to go to The Art Musium with my painting class so i get to skip school for the entire day which makes me happy! i don't have to see the bitch that is my Civics teacher!

okay i feel better just talking to somebody