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hey guys, mod here.

we reeeally need to get this community going again. i think everyone should start promoting cuz this community could be great if we build it back up again!
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My confustion

Ack,i hate when i like two people...I'm dateing this guy and its been almost a month and i truely do like him i get that nervous thing in my stomach and my heart speeds up everytime he holds my hand.
BUT then there is this girl at my school...oh my god this girl,i've known her for like ever it seems like and i know she is a lesbian,sadly i had the chance to ask her out this year but i turned it down to try and get this other guy that in the end was a total jackass,and i really wanna go out with her but i think she has a girl friend and its makeing me sad cause she's really cute and funny and....ack too much confustion!

And today i ain't feeling good,i have an old back injury that is kill me so bad its not funny,and i got a migrane and god...today sucks

Tomorrow i'm supposed to go to The Art Musium with my painting class so i get to skip school for the entire day which makes me happy! i don't have to see the bitch that is my Civics teacher!

okay i feel better just talking to somebody
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oh jesus... we had a Day of Silence at my school. Only about 20-30 people participated, me included. I can't tell you how many times me and my friends were called dikes or queers or fags. And people were so immature about it. Some of my teachers wouldn't even read the slip....::

Day of Silence
Please understand my reasons for not speaking today.  I am participating in the Day of Silence, a national youth movement protesting the silence faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their allies.  My deliberate silence echoes that silence, which is caused by harassment, prejudice, and discrimination.  I believe that ending the silence is the first step toward fighting these injustices.  Think about the voices you are not hearing today.

    What are you going to do to end the silence?

                            Day of Silence

my last two classes it made me mad.  Neither of the teachers read the slip because they were scared it would make some people mad. And a girl in my second to last class goes "ew, that's nasty" and I wrote her saying it's not nasty, homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgendereds are human beings, it you don't agree with them, then just say that, they are not nasty, that's a word used for describing puke.  gah it made me so mad. and then she was all "well my people don't support that" and i just want to say that blacks and homosexuals will have eventually, fought and won the same battle, so she should shut up.  But she be a mean black chick.  Oh well.

It was mostly a success, we had a meeting with the like 10 of the people who did it and shared our experiences. And monday morning we have a meeting with our principal about the project... >.>

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so how is everyone doing? This community is so dead where is everyone??? HELLO!! yeah yeah yeah I know its spring break so everyone is having fun outside while I'm sitting on my lazy butt here at work. lol
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got any sbemail?

Why hello. I figured I should make an intro post sometime.

I was in bisexuallesteen, but for those who weren't or don't remember me, I be Sarah, I be 14, I be single and I be bi. Um. I play bassoon and have a huge audition on Friday that I'm freaking out about, and I Irish dance and am getting new shoes tomorrow. Exciting. I also suck at math and science (I...strongly dislike my science teacher most of the time. Grrr...), and Keavy (thekeevster) is possibly going to help me with my obnoxious math longterm thing tomorrow after school. Because I luuuuuurveeee her. Ohhhh yes, and here be my myspace: www.myspace.com/_wc_ I dunno if that's gonna be a link or not. That is it for now. I gotta get back to my German homework, which sucks. I mean, why do you care what I call my freaking neighbors about!? I DON'T call my neighbors! I haven't talked to any of them in like, a year!
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